Stay Healthy with
Doing Muscles


We love health and wellness here at Doing. Staying active and consistent with exercise is vital to leading a stronger, healthier life. We believe this so much we started a fitness brand.

Doing Muscles is a functional fitness advocate. We incorporate kettlebells and steel maces into our weekly workouts to keep our core strong, and mind focused.

Doing Muscles Live

We did a series of live workouts on Instagram, giving folks a workout buddy on days they didn’t feel like moving.

Rep your Sets

Our fitness clothing line promotes hard work and the love of functional fitness. “Work Until The Iron Sweats!” is our motivational mantra.

Accountability matters

Our goal is to stay accountable for our health and help others do the same. Doing Muscles wants everyone to lift heavy, and safe so you stick around longer. After all, we like having you around.

Rep Your Sets

Our fitness gear is 100% Doing Muscles approved. Rep your sets with these custom-designed hoodies and shirts

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Social fitness

We aren’t the most social, but we try. Our posts aims to motivate and inform people of the benefits of working out in any capacity. Get moving and stick around for a while longer.

Charity Muscles

During the 2020 madness, we attempted to help in our own small way by selling a series of workout t-shirts for charity. We gave 100% of the remaining profits (the Bonfire platform got their cut) to a hospital in Brooklyn, New York.

Spooky Muscles

Meet the PumpKing! (get it, Pumpkin…)