Take a look at a selection of past projects and samples of our capabilities. Doing’s dedication to helping our clients and partners succeed is only outshined by our passion and love for being creative.

Ria Health: Health & Wellness Company

Building trust with consistent branding

Ria Health wanted an updated brand identity representative of their future goals and aspirations for the company. Doing delivered a comprehensive brand strategy, including messaging, value updates, a logo, and a visual design system.

Ria Health saw a significant increase in B2C engagement across all media channels, along with increased user retention on their website and mobile app.

Zipari: Healthtech Company

Modernizing healthcare with better UX

Zipari began with a simple mission. Put members first. The creative behind both the branding and product design were governed by that ideal. The messaging tells persona-driven stories on how the product suite helps users find care fast, while the product design system makes navigating healthcare more intuitive and friction-free.

Thanks to the Zipari brand and advanced product suite, the company was acquired by private equity firm Thomo Bravo in 2020 for $500 mil


Design Systems for play

Fate of the Spectre is a physical and digital trade card concept. It required a design system to govern the myriad of cards in the game on both physical tables and on a mobile interface.

We built a robust typographic and color-based system to classify certain types of cards and clearly communicate their advantages and disadvantages.


Solving dinner for the indecisive

Hungie is an internal app geared towards the hungry and indecisive. With Hungie, you can randomly generate community-curated meals for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or snacks. If you’ve ever responded, “I dunno, what do you want to eat?” Hungie is your foodie salvation.

Yum Buns: Specialty Burgers

Doing 5 things perfectly

The Yum Buns Specialty Burger shop sells five distinct burgers paired with freshly baked, seasoned, and spread buns. The Yum Buns brand was built to reflect the joy of eating your favorite dish, a Yum Buns burger. With only five sandwiches, the team has perfected its menu and requires a distilled, cohesive brand to accentuate it.

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