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Doing is a healthcare branding agency specializing in Branding and Web Design for Health and Wellness companies. It crafts empathy-driven experiences that resonate with audiences of all sizes, fostering meaningful connections and growth.

Does your brand reflect where you want it to be?

Is your brand aligned with your future business goals? Consistent, market-relevant branding with compelling stories will captivate audiences. Consistent, empathy-driven brands foster loyalty, paving the way to success. Through our branding and web design solutions, we transform your brand stories into immersive experiences that truly resonate.

Brand Identiy | B2B/B2C Marketing Design | Digital UX Design

Ria Health: A comprehensive rebrand

Ria Health required a new brand direction and messaging to complement its ambitious future goals. Doing designed the new brand direction along with their messaging, social media, and web design refresh.

MD W/ Me: A Return to Housecalls

MD With ME (now Ziphy Care) developed technology to facilitate comprehensive at-home doctor visits. During its growth startup phase, Doing crafted the MD W/ ME branding, focusing on the doctor-patient relationship and the benefits of at-home physician care.

Zipari: Health Tech for Health Insurance

The branding and product design were created to position Zipari as a leader in the health tech space and reflect its mission of putting members first.

Digital Product Design

User-tested, human-focused healthcare products.

Providing end-to-end branding & web design services.

Doing delivers holistic branding and web design solutions, covering everything from user experience (UX) and responsive design to search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Our approach ensures a visually stunning, user-centric digital presence that maximizes engagement and drives results.

Branding and Brand Strategy

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Front-End Development

“If you’re looking for the right blend of creativity and business savvy, Carl Waldron is the best designer out there. He did the entire branding for Ria Health, which was instrumental in improving B2C engagement.”

JC Muyl // Fractional Executive for US or Global digital health startups

This is Carl Waldron

Owner of Doing & Creative Director

I live in a constant state of “Let me create something, dammit!” which would be exhausting if it weren’t so motivating. I need to build, design, draw, record, or create. It’s worked out very well so far.

As a design lead, I’ve assembled and led teams of brilliant creatives and developers. Together, we’ve crafted focused brands, human-centered digital products, and comprehensive mobile apps that help simplify life. All were validated through vigorous testing, of course.

I design and deliver brands for companies large and small. I am well-versed in creating validated user experiences, building brands that resonate with target audiences, and product design systems that bring consistency to a digital suite.

In the last 22 years, I’ve executed every step of a brand and product design life cycle, from initial brainstorming through final deliverables and implementation for clients. I am ready for anything. I love making things that help people, including kettlebell workouts, designs, and fitness.

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