Reminder: Update your Website Hero Section

It's time to update your website hero. You probably haven't in a while, and it's looking pretty stale. It'll help your business, I swear.

Good morning, and happy Monday. I have a friendly reminder for you if you don’t mind unsolicited advice from graphic design strangers. Your website probably has a hero section, the main content below your navigation bar. Usually, that section is defined by large typography, a bit of copy, perhaps an image or background video, and a call to action. I’m going to guess that you haven’t updated that part of your site in a while. You will want to go ahead and update that website hero ASAP. It’ll enhance your website’s user experience and remind people you haven’t gone out of business.

Why should I update my website hero section?

Hungie is updated on load for a consistently fresh experience.

Think of it this way. That section of your site is most likely the first thing most visitors see when they visit your digital home. Keeping that section of your website updated with fresh content, events, messaging, or products lets visitors know you a. update your website and b. have things going on. Leaving a static hero for months, or sometimes years can make your site seem abandoned or outdated. Remember: every part of your website can entice a new lead, reengage a loyal fan or client, or promote a milestone—the hero, especially since it’s the new visitor gateway to your product or service.

Things to update your website hero with

  • Is your company participating in an event or trade show? Put the dates and information in the hero with a registration CTA
  • Did you update the value props for a service or product? Present a problem in your hero and a CTA to lead visitors to how your product solves it.
  • Did you recently launch a mascot? Introduce it in the hero section and lead visitors to your About Us to learn more about your company culture.
  • Write any good thought leadership? You get the idea…

Why do I care?

Because I like you and want you to succeed, I’ve seen many company websites left to rot, stale, and not updated for years. Yet, the company is still active and looking to grow. Don’t neglect your website in favor of social media channels or outside platforms like Hubspot or Marketo. Your website is one of the few tools you own. You can do what you want with it. Maximize it’s potential and make it work for you. It’s your platform. Take care of it. If you need help in that department, Doing is always around to consult on the best way to advance your website design and maximize its conversion potential. Just get in touch, and we can make magic happen.

That’s all. Have a great week!

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