Brand Storytelling: Forget jargon, tell a story

Avoid jargon and tell a story. Brand storytelling is the best way to get your message and value across to your captive audience.

Storytelling is how you get your brand or product etched in the mind of your target audience. Many websites use very dense jargon and industry terms to sell their products and services. SEO is king; I can’t argue that, but there is a way to incorporate your high-value keywords into more meaningful messaging. Tell a story and make it a good one. What’s a good one? Let’s see.

Brand storytelling

Brand Storytelling is a sales tactic. Let’s get that out of the way. Empathy-driven brand storytelling is effective because it provides a relatable scenario that resonates with your audience. I suggest persona-based storytelling. Take one or two of your personas (you should have many of them) and craft a story about how your product or service will ultimately bring value to that person. Consider the end user’s needs and how your service meets them. What is the differentiator you provide that no one else does? Is it price? Write a short case where Persona A has limited funds but can achieve its goals because your product or services were within budget. Is it a custom feature? Describe a scenario where Persona B finds themselves in a bind, and your custom feature pulls their bacon out of the fire.

Remember, you are talking to people.

It’s easy to get caught up in terms and jargon. Always remember you are ultimately talking to another person. Write like you are talking to a human with no time on their hands and need answers quickly. Your comprehension levels drop when you are scanning and searching for a solution. You may get six seconds. Make them count by focusing on value, not industry terms and complex, “smart-sounding” sentences. You know those sentences. “We provide scalable, front-door access to data-driven protocols powered by high trust, multi-channel … ” If I have to search for your About Us page to try and decipher what you do or how your products can help me, I’m leaving.

Need help with your story?

Empathy-driven storytelling at work

There are countless stories to tell. They don’t have to be long, and they should definitely avoid jargon. Doing can help you craft an effective, empathy-driven story. Then wrap it in branded visuals and skyrocket your business. Drop us a line and let’s get your message sorted out.

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