ITC Serif Gothic and Burbank are My Type

"My Type" pairs beautiful type together. ITC Serif Gothic and Burbank are up, mingling to craft a tribute tome to Miles Morales.

I love Fonts In Use. It’s a useful resource for learning how specific typefaces are used in the real world. In an homage to that great site, here is my completely selfish version called My Type. Think a dating show where two cool typefaces pair off and see if they hit it off. It’s basically the same concept as Fonts In Use, except you only see examples of how Doing uses the listed type.

I said it was selfish.

Tthis post will cover an interesting pairing of two typefaces I always look to incorporate into a project. Burbank and ITC Serif Gothic.


Fortnite’s success is thanks to Burbank.

My first interaction with the typeface Burbank was with the video game Fortnite. Epic Games uses Burbank as the logotype for the massive online platform. I was happy to see the typeface is extremely versatile. The type comes in a number of different styles and cuts. The naming conventions match the cartoonish, whimsical feel of the fonts. Burbank Big Wide is exactly what it sounds like.

Created by Tal Leming and perennial type design agency House Industries. Burbank is derived from “old” animated typefaces. These legacy typefaces didn’t have complete families for designers and animators to choose from. Burbank’s wide variety of styles gives designers more reasons and opportunities to utilize the fun and eye-catching typeface.

ITC Serif Gothic

ITC Serif Gothic in use

I go on and on about ITC Serif Gothic. I wrote a piece on the typeface’s hand in cementing the Star War’s legacy. The typeface is always on my mind when a new project comes up. “Can I somehow weasel ITC Serif Gothic into this creative brief?” The answer is normally no, but not for lack of trying.

ITC Serif Gothic debuted in 1972, created by Antonio DiSpigna and Herb Lubalin. It’s loosely based on legendary typeface Avant Garde with subtle serifs added. It comes in an impressive six weights but lacks any italics. ITC Serif Gothic is a very 70s style font and built for posters and large type.

“THWIP!” – Burbank & ITC Serif Gothic

I combined these two titans of type to create “THWIP!” Miles Morales is everyone’s favotire Spider-Man these days. Miles became a household name with the success of Sony’s Spider-Verse animated movies and the incredibly well-received Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5.

The logo is an homage to the Spider-Verse art style and comic book origins. I edited Burbank to craft the books brand identity. For context, “THWIP” is an onomatopeoia of Spider-Man’s webs shooting out.

Onomatopeioa in Pop Culture Design

The supporting type is our favorite Serif Gothic. The two ornate typefaces work in harmony, complimenting each other while exuding very distinct vibes. The combination of the two give the book cover some gravitas while remaining fun and within the realm of science fiction and comic book fandom.

What typefaces should we pair up next? Let me know in the comments, and always remember, type is your friend.

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