Stay Fit and love Leg Day

Leg day sucks, but dammit, its totally necessary. Get those legs in shape. Hell, get it all in shape and keep your health a top priority.

Leg day sucks. It’s true. Learn to love that big beautiful day. If not for you, then for your body and your continued existence on earth. You can become a certain level of misery when your legs creak and crack while sitting down, completely motionless. Leg day and general fitness will remedy many of those pain points, and if we are honest, grant some brand new ones. But those new pains are just micro-tears in your muscles so they can grow stronger.

Leg Day and your daily fitness

Fitness is hard. That’s not even counting leg day. To help remedy this, Doing started Doing Muscles. It’s our way to help motivate folks who might need a gym partner to get going. Our Instagram account hosts daily workout companions where you can have your virtual gym buddy. It’s completely free, with no ads, and no pandering. Just a guy sweating and trying to lift a weight too heavy for his good. Visit us at or on our Instagram account @doingmuscles.

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