Three Things Your Logo Design Must do to Be Successful

Here are three quick tips for your logo design to make it memorable and long-lasting. Like Juicy Fruit flavor or knee pain.


  • It must work small.
  • It must work in black and white.
  • It must be simple.

Make sure it works small (at least a height of 90px)!

Your logo design has to work small

In the age of social media, your logo must work small. Fine lines and tiny details are hard to reproduce at small sizes, so if your logo has anything like that, make sure your designer or agency creates a smaller “social” version of your logo.

Make sure it works in Black & White!

Drain the color and make sure it works!

Brand colors are great, but you never know when your logo will be printed, faxed (yes, people still fax), or edited by a third party. If your logo has gradients or patterns, get a version that is purely Black and white. It’s also a barometer for how legible your brand identity is. If it works in Black and White, it’ll work in color!

Make sure it’s simple!

Keep your logo design simple and memorable!

Your logo should only say enough to make an immediate association with your brand. Don’t overcomplicate your logomark to fit every fine detail your brand exemplifies. Making your logo simple and easy to reproduce makes it memorable and easier to retain in the hearts and minds of your audience. Always remember K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple. 

Leave off the last S for Savings…

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